"If you believe you deserve more,

I will help you achieve it."

As a WELLBEING coach, I take a holistic approach to help my clients lead a healthy and satisfied lifestyle. Instead of focusing on one problem, we identify difficulties in all areas of their lives and work together to find a solution.

"I use my knowledge, energy, and soul to motivate and inspire others to make their own dream and goals come true, both in private life and in business."

/Anita Dezső/

Unique Life and Business Coaching

Who am I helping?

  • FOR individuals
  • Entrepreneurs, company managers, leaders, subordinates, athletes
  • For young people aged 12-25
  • Individuals with problems
  • For companies
  • Teams, groups, communities

What am I helping with?

  • Personal and business growth
  • Managing your problems, developing effective solutions
  • Better communication
  • Finding and utilizing your internal resources
  • To fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals
  • Understand and experience your feelings
  • Live a quality life, be happy, wellbeing

Z Generation Coaching - Resilience Coaching - Team Coaching -
Life & Business Coaching - Proactive Coaching - Trainings with Positive Psychology Techniques - Emotional Intelligence Development - PNT training

Contact - Let's talk!

Anita Dezső - Jóllét mentor

Budapest-Hungary, Wien-Austria, or online: worldwide


+36 70 3323 444; +43 681 2087 2291

What ways do I help?



The original meaning of the word PROACTIVE:




PROACTIVE COACHING allows you to make autonomous decisions


ADAPTABILITY for continuous change, challenges and expectations

Companies that are more focused are doing 400% better than others.

Of course, this requires RESILIENCE


"Happiness is a Competitive Advantage"

"Our brains are literally wired to perform best not in a negative or neutral state, but in a positive state." says Shawn Achor, a happiness researcher at Harvard University.

You will be more successful if you live happier, more joyful and more positive life. 


"Thanks to Anita, the trainer of the course, for the interesting tasks, topics that I find useful in dealing with the challenges of everyday life."

Christian H.

"Anita is an extraordinary person, with a lot of perseverance and affection, she showed us many useful practices; her attitude to life is remarkable and thoughtful."

Claire Cs.

Milestones in my life

English teacher, private teacher, sports diplomata, company manager, translator and interpreter, tour guide, marketing and advertising manager, executive director, movement therapist, EFT practitioner, book author, trainer, coach, positive psychology PhDc, PNT trainer

I have combined the difficulties and joys of the past few years, and also all my experience and knowledge, into a unique coaching and training program. This is how I help those who come to me at different stages of their lives and careers to finally do and live the way they want and find their own path.

The 5-step process with me: SEE, BE, ACT, HAVE, LOVE

SEE your goals; BE sincere, strong, positive, happy; step forward and ACT;

HAVE self-confidence, success and wonderful life; LOVE

"If you want to stay healthy today, you need to know and control yourself well. You need to understand how to replenish your personal strength and how long you can go with the load limit."

/ Silvya Kéré Wellensiek /

What is Coaching With Me?

A professional series of discussions where I help you to solve your problem on your own, in a supportive, positive atmosphere, with many exercises.

Z-Generation Coaching:

  • goal planning, school choice, career choice, career development,
  • school, family and workplace conflict management,
  • communication with peers and parents,
  • self-confidence, self-knowledge, self-assertion
  • management of human relations,
  • mapping of strengths

What makes my trainings unique?

One participant said:

"How did I feel with Anita Dezső in the training? Credibility, humanity, value, knowledge, spirit, professionalism, maximalism, keeping ratio ... I watched Her, then I felt her among us - we were totally together outside and inside, we were pulsating together ... I went through hundreds of hours of "other education and trainings", but no one ever had such a strong impact on me and my life.

What did I get in 3 days? At least 10x30 hours of charge, motivation, TREASURE! "

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